Lee's richly detailed and polished exploration of romance is bolstered by the insight and oftentimes raw exploration of a person's inner landscape.

-Publisher's Weekly



It's finally time to show you what I've been working on. Here's my baby;   LOST IN CARMEL. 

Reader's Favorite says: 5 Stars ***** "Lost in Carmel is a story filled with realism and humanity. Lee demonstrates a unique skill in exploring the emotions of the heart."

Here's the scoop:  


Sometimes pulling on a single thread can unravel an entire tapestry.

A glamour-filled Hollywood life turns sour for America’s Sweetheart. It’s 1977 and Natalie Hampton is already hanging on by her fingernails, when headlines expose cracks in the carefully crafted veneer of her life. Broken and bruised she flees the country, searching for a place to heal. In Rome, tucked away from prying eyes, she finds the strength to claw her way out of the deep end of depression.

Across an Italian Piazza, a gorgeous man with a wounded soul of his own catches her hearts’ attention. She’s on a journey to save herself, but is there room for love to find its way in?

If love is hard to find, Natalie soon realizes, it can be even harder to hold onto. When a lie takes on a life of its own, she finds herself in the fight of her life, where everything she holds dear is threatened.

Though set against the lush backdrops of Hollywood, Rome, and Carmel California, Natalie’s story is every woman’s story. A fight for self. A fight for love.

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Lost in Carmel, Trailer

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