Paper Castles named best self-published romance of 2016 by the Huffington Post


More than a simple contemporary romance, Lee manages to balance intrigue, historical events and courtroom drama that feels cinematic.

                                                -Indie Reader

Gold Medal Winner


Gold medal winner for Romance from the coveted Feathered Quill Book Awards. 

Silver Medal Winner


Silver Medal Winner in Women's Fiction


While at times the open vulnerability was difficult to read, there was a certain sense of freedom and revelation leading to more personal introspection. The historical references also added dimension and a touch-stone glimpse of a time gone by—yet still relevant.

 This is an exceptional book. 


Lee's latest is an unexpected romance amid a murder mystery. Lee's attention grabbing narrative offers a glimpse into a disturbing time in US history and it's stifling societal mores. Lee mixes her above mentioned concepts with other various literary tools keeping her narrative fresh and constantly flowing. 

Paper Castles is nothing less than a gripping read. 


Lee writes an empowering tale of feminine rediscovery and self love in a tumultuous time in America's history. The big point that makes Paper Castles stand out, is that it's visceral and real. 

It reads like a life truly lived, with all of life's strengths and weaknesses. 

Industry reviews are golden, but reviews from my readers are platinum.

You are the reason I do what I do. I have you in mind as my story unravels across the pages. 

I wonder, "Will she like this?" "Will she understand this?" "Will she fall in love with ...?" 

A story is a gift entrusted to me only long enough to pass through my fingers before sending it out into the world, where I hope you will find it. 

Here's what a few of my readers had to say.

Lee writes with such honesty and grace. I was enthralled with the story-line, smitten by the characters, and was absolutely lost in the words. I would call this book a game changer for me as it has left a mark on my heart that I will never forget. - Bianca ( goodreads reviewer)

 There's one word for this book: Gorgeous. Not just beautiful, not just well written, those words don't begin to touch the soul of this book. It is simply, GORGEOUS. From beginning to end. It feels like Lee LOVED every single sentence. So that her readers could love them, too.  -Easin ( goodreads reviewer)

 I love it when an author takes the time to make a secondary character so rich in detail. In this case, Neenie is written with as much love as Savannah. And it's easy to see why this powerful woman was so important to her 'Baby Girl'. I loved this book. I just bought it for my sister so we can talk about it. - Sony (goodreads reviewer)

 Wow. What a gorgeous book. So beautifully written, I had to stop several times to catch my breath.  

-Sujana ( goodreads reviewer)